Free Printable baby Shower Games

Free printable baby shower games

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Welcome to . I have created 30 cute, unique and original free printable baby shower games graphics including classic and new games that you can download for free and print on your home computers for your baby Shower Party.

There are many printable baby shower games available on the internet but those which are free are not good in quality and ones that are good in quality are really expensive so I have tried to provide free printable baby shower games decorated with cute images of high quality. I have made many classic game printables such as baby shower bingo, word scramble, nursery rhyme game etc. and many new games like what's in your purse.

I have made all the games in blue color for your boy baby shower party, in pink color for girl baby shower and also in many gender neutral colors like yellow, orange, green and brown so you can enjoy these games even if you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby.

These games will make your baby shower party fun and memorable for all of your party guests. I have also made some free printable baby shower stationery designs in different colors to suit your party needs and you can play games which are not provided on this website with your party guests using that adorable printable stationery.


30 free printable baby shower games

Free Printable baby Shower Games

Here is the list of 30 free printable baby shower game that I am providing on this website. To save any of the game go to that game's page. Click on the smaller game image in color of your choice and you will see the bigger image. Simply right click and save that to your computer.

  1. baby Shower Word Bingo
  2. A classic game of Bingo with 20 unique word bingo cards and a callers checklist. You can download these cards in three different colors.
  3. baby Shower Gift Bingo
  4. Guests should guess baby shower gifts that mom-to-be will be receiving for this bingo game.
  5. baby Shower Word Scramble
  6. Unscramble baby related words to win this game.
  7. baby Alphabet Game
  8. Guests have to make one baby related word with each of the alphabets to win this game.
  9. baby Shower Word Search
  10. A classic word game specially designed for baby shower.
  11. Nursery Rhyme Game
  12. Guests will have to recall their childhood days in order to complete the rhymes.
  13. Complete the Proverb Game
  14. The one who will complete these sayings first will win.
  15. baby Shower Crossword
  16. Classic crossword puzzle, specially made for baby shower.
  17. Name the baby Animal
  18. Guests will have to write names of all the baby animals.
  19. baby Food Scramble
  20. Unscramble the baby food list first and win this game.
  21. baby Body Parts Scramble
  22. Guests will have to unscramble baby body parts and the first one to finish this worksheet will win.
  23. Match the Candy Bar Name
  24. A fun filled game with all the sweet candy names.
  25. Place the Pacifier in baby's Mouth
  26. A baby shower version of pin the tail on pony game.
  27. baby Shower Memory Game
  28. Test the memory of baby shower guests with this fun filled game.
  29. How many baby items can you name
  30. Guests will have to write names of baby items within a specified time.
  31. Wishes for baby
  32. baby shower party guests will have to write their wishes for baby on these adorable free printable papers.
  33. Around the world
  34. Do your baby shower party guests know that what do they call baby in different languages.
  35. What's the Story
  36. Check the creative skills of your baby shower party guests with this funny game.
  37. baby Shower Price is Right
  38. Cute printable game to see if your baby shower party guests know the price of these products.
  39. What's In Your Purse?
  40. See what do your party guests have in their purse and the person with most points will win.
  41. Words of Wisdom
  42. Each of baby shower party guest will have to share some words of wisdom with parents-to-be.
  43. Pass the parcel Rhyme Game
  44. A cute game with an interesting rhyme and every guest will be a winner.
  45. M&M guessing game
  46. Guests will have to guess the number of M&Ms in two bottles. The right or closest guess will win.
  47. Finish Mommy's Phrase
  48. Involve mom-t-be in this game and everyone will have to read her mind.
  49. What was Mommy Wearing Game
  50. Test the memory of your baby shower party guests with this wonderful free printable game.
  51. Make a Sketch of Mom to be
  52. See who can draw the best sketch of mom-to-be on this cute printable paper.
  53. baby Name Race
  54. Guests will have to write baby names using all the alphabets.
  55. Guess the baby Food Name Game
  56. A really easy game to keep your guests busy.
  57. Diaper Bag Guessing Game
  58. A baby shower classic game idea with adorable printable game pages in three colors.
  59. baby Predictions
  60. A game which's winner will be decided after baby is born.